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THE DOLCEZZA SHERBERT EXPERIENCE is a show where violeta edelman & robb duncan of the dolcezza family talk about everything under the sun, touching upon a mish-mash- potluck of conversations with people about politics, pizza, psychedelics, good coffee and the overall angst of being, each conversation, another attempt at the willful suspension of disbelief.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    🔥 ON FIRE 🔥

    Andrew Dana and Daniela Moreira of Timber Pizza and Call Your Mother fame join us to talk a little bit about everything, from living in tents on the river in Argentina, wood-fired pizza and bagels, smoking cannabis for inspiration to another couple made up of a gringo and an Argentine.

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    A little Toli, a little Moli

    This week Robb and Violeta are joined by Simone Jacobson, co-owner of Toli Moli, cultural connector, yoga teacher, hip-hop spreader, swiss army knife extraordinary, to talk about inclusion, empowering other people, defining healthy-ish and doing a million things well.

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    This week Robb & Violeta are joined by activist Adam Eidenger to talk about cannabis legalization, civil disobedience and his lifelong middlefinger posturing to the establishment

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    Vickie's Wine Table

    This week Robb & Violeta are joined by Vicky Reh, chef and author of The Wine Table, to talk about her travels to visit and cook with 18 winemakers in France and Italy.

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    The 21st Century Museum

    This week Robb & Violeta are joined by Melissa Chiu, director of the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum, to talk about the renaissance she is leading at the museum by making contemporary art more exciting, approachable and highlighting the work of women and overlooked artists.

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    Stix and Stones

    This week on The Dolcezza Sherbert Experience, Robb & Violeta are joined by Dr. William Stixrud, a clinical neuro psychologist who helps kids copping with anxiety, to talk about giving your kids more control over their lives, motivation, the effects of stress, sleep depravation and technology.

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    Food and Fractals

    This week on The Dolcezza Sherbert Experience, Robb & Violeta are joined by Lauren Shweder Biel, executive director of DC Greens, a nonprofit that uses the levers of food education, food access, and food policy to advance food justice in the nation’s capital, to talk about access to healthy food, reforming the food system, food as medicine and grassroots activism.

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    Rose Previte: world traveler, space creator and maker of damn delicious food

    This week on The Dolcezza Sherbert Experience, Robb & Violeta are joined by Rose Previte, owner of award winning restaurants Compass Rose and Maydan in Washington DC, to talk about street food as the big equalizer, fighting prejudices in the restaurant industry and following your vision.

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    Kelly Towles: DC Street Art Legend

    This week on The Dolcezza Sherbert Experience, Robb & Violeta are joined by Kelly Towles, a leading Washington, D.C. artist, who has literally painted the town since moving to the Nation’s Capital in the late 1990s. His murals, showcased on area buildings and garage doors, and paintings, displayed in local galleries and businesses, are electrically playful.

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